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"Rick says this is the best fishing I have ever had!"


"It is such a pleasure to find a great place to fish with hosts that have become good friends.  Thank you, my friends, and be well."


"What a great time:  great friends, fishing, food, hosts and hostess!  Thank you!"


"Great people & unreal fishing!  Another adventure after the Covid!"


"Thanks for another amazing trip!  Was able to shoot a nice bear and catch my PB Pike that was 40".  Also caught my first two Arctic Grayling which was super cool.  You guys run a great camp and are salt of the earth people.  Thanks for sharing your little slice of heaven with us!"


"Wow!  This was an amazing trip.  I'll never forget the big ol' pumpkin head bear I was blessed with!  The fishing was out of this world.  These are memories I will cherish forever.  Thank you for allowing us to come here and do what we love to do.  All the best and may God bless."


"Many blessings to the Rowswell family May the Lord be with you all. Thank you for the hospitality. You run a great camp! Amazing fishing - as many times as I have been to Canada, this place is as good as it gets! Until next time, "


"Thank you so much for such a memorable trip.  The opportunity to spend a week with my boys has been priceless.  We laughed and talked, fished and shot a bear!  How can we thank you enough!?"


"Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl, for the most mind relaxing, fun family getaway I could ask for.  It's been a blast and I look forward to bringing C to this magical place to share the great Canadian outdoors."


"It was such an honour to share your special piece of paradise.  It will always hold a special place in my heart, for I took my first bear here.  The fishing was second to none as well as your companionship.  Thanks for the memories.  Hope to be back soon."


"Thank you both so much for your hospitality.  You two are truly fun and generous and I'm so thankful for y'all sharing your slice of heaven."


"I came with the Fulton expedition as a "newby" with little experience fishing. What an exciting adventure. Never fished much and never been to Canada. Add to this I met 5 guys whom I have never met before. We blended together as a team. The Wheeler River Lodge experience and fishing together brought friendship and smiles among all of us. And I learned a few fishing tips from the boys. The fishing was great - weather wonderful and of course, Cheryl was the perfect host. I will cherish the memories of my fishing buddies. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. "


"This is the second time we have come to WRL. Last time was 2014 The accommodations were great. Kevin and Cheryl were awesome. It rained two out of the seven days in camp. We've fished the Wheeler River system many years. The walleye bite was good with the largest being 25" this trip. The Lake Trout bite was good on this trip with largest being 29". The Grayling bite was okay. The Pike was OK but the larger Pike eluded us again no matter what we tried or where we went. The largest Pike was 36". (jigs, spoons, plugs, etc.) We made almost all of the portages except a couple smaller ones. The surface water temp was between 60 and 65F, depending on the lake. We are again baffled at the lack of big Pike. We took the advice from Kevin on where they may be hiding out but they skunked us. Overall, it was a great trip and we really enjoyed WRL and Kevin and Cheryl."


"What an amazing trip! The fishing and the weather were both fantastic! You both gave us the opportunity to make memories we won't forget. Your kindness and hospitality are unmatched and we hope to get the opportunity to experience it again someday. We appreciate everything you two did to make our trip the trip of a lifetime!"


"Once again, you provided an exceptional experience for the group. I think we have brought over 35 people over the years and have NEVER had a negative experience. The fishing was phenomenal with 25" Walleye and 36" and up Pike. Weather could not have been better. Again, you have the best camp in Northern Saskatchewan and your hospitality is second to none. See you next year,"


"Your endearing work far exceeds your value. Cheryl and Kevin, you provide much for others that fill many empty spaces in their lives. Its invaluable!! Yes, thanks for what WRL provides but fishing is sometimes not the only benefit. All of the catching was superb but your listening ears and your family feeling is priceless."


"We had a great time. New friendships, lots of good fishing, good weather, and great food. What a great adventure. I will treasure the memories forever!"


"Always so much fun to plan and experience another WRL trip. As usual, the accommodations, meals, friendships, conversations were as great as the fishing always is! Thanks again for all the fun and memories! We same to fish but leave with much more! Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl! "


"This is my 5th time here and is always fun! I always catch a big fish. This year, my fish was 40". Thanks, Kevin, Cheryl and Jamie! Shore lunch was so good. Thank you! I'll be back next year!"


"This is my first time at WRL. I had so much fun.  I went hiking.  I caught a 40" Pike.  I will never forget about my trip.  I love shore lunch!"


"You have a truly amazing place!! What great hosts. We had a fantastic time and I hope we make it up here again. Thanks so much. Scott Lake was a highlight with lots of Pike over 38". The shore lunches were incredible, Kevin!"


"Thank you so much. This was really an amazing trip. I'm looking forward to coming back next year!!"


"Thank you again for hosting our Father/Son trip. Jace and I had a great time once again. Loved the Scott Lake and Moore Lake day trips and shore lunches."


"We had a great time. Caught a lot of big fish with some amazing shore lunches. Thanks for everything you guys do!"


"Thanks for the great time. Fishing was fantastic, your hospitality was outstanding. First rate outfit."


"Beautiful country, wonderful hosts and guide and the fishing was INCREDIBLE! Approximately 20 Lake Trout, countless Pike, some nice Walleye and even a handful of Arctic Grayling! Can’t say enough of how peaceful and relaxing this past week has been. Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl and I can’t wait to be back!"


"Amazing trip in the remote north. Spent a day fishing in the river system near camp catching lots of Pike and a few Walleye before heading to Todd Lake which had a very hot Lake Trout bite with a good Pike bite as well. The third day was spent on Vaulhaufer which was tough fishing, but that evening, we moved on into Scott Lake which was on fire for 36+” Pike. Probably over a dozen large Pike in a few hours. Days 4 and 5 were spent on the Moore Lakes which produced some amazing Lakers, Grayling, Walleye and more Pike than anywhere else. We spent one sunny afternoon in the Bay of Pigs sight fishing very large Pike, including one 43” length and 19” girth monster. To cap it off, we found a beautiful large Black Bear along the lake to fill my bear tag. Kevin was an amazing guide. Cheryl was a delight and great cook! Could have asked for a better trip."


"Our first time to a remote camp was filled with memories, fish and friendship.  From catching Walleye for lunch within an hour of arrival, to countless Pike that ate nearly everything we offered, there has never been a trip that’s produced the fishing that we experienced here.  Our largest Pike was 43” and had shoulders on it like one of Kevin’s cattle from the farm.  We experienced a medical issue with one of our party members and Kevin and Cheryl’s level of concern, hospitality and compassion in dealing with it was comforting and kind.  I can truly say that friendships were fostered, strengthened, and built with our time here and memories were made that will last a lifetime.  Truly thankful for our time together here, and cannot wait to come back in the future."


"Only written geniuses like Hemingway can accurately portray how marvellous this place is. The fish, the owners, and the memories created are one of a kind. I cannot praise Kevin and Cheryl enough for their hospitality and their kindness. The fishing here has truly been great, and most likely will lead to a lifetime of disappointment in Minnesota fishing. Until next time!"


"Butte boys are back after two years of no crossing the border. This was Bill’s 24th year at the Wheeler. He’s been coming since 1991. Great place to get away with friends and family. Thanks to Kevin and Cheryl. Carter (9 years old) caught the biggest Pike 44”. Everyone caught at least one over 40”. Fishing was slow off and on when there was rain and lightening and the wind was blowing. We spent two hours at the Outpost down on Moore because of lightening. Glad to have a place to hide out in bad weather. Thanks again, Kevin and Cheryl. See you next year! (God willing and the creek don’t rise!)"


"Crew of six this year from South Dakota. As usual, phenomenal fishing on the river, Todd and Moore. Over 200 Walleye on Todd. Biggest 26’ plus. Big Pike at lunch area near river was 44”. Multiple Pike over 36” everywhere. Todd also produced 8 Trout. Down river on Wheeler also produced very large Pike. Accommodation and hospitality were overwhelming, as usual. Kevin and Cheryl run a top notch camp with a service level that can’t be beat."


"Amazing time. I brought my son and it was our first time. It was amazing! Thanks to Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn for your top notch hospitality!"


"What a great experience at 18 years old. Caught more fish than I could have dreamed of and had a blast doing it. Appreciate the work put into everything to make this great experience possible. Hope to come back soon!"


"I finally had to go to check to find out what date it was!! Time flies when you’re having fun! Thanks so much for the adventure! Everything was top notch - from the fishing (Walleye, Pike and Grayling - oh, my!), to the cooking (our first shore lunch!), to the company! I was especially wonderful to be spoiled rotten by Kevin and Cheryl. Just a special week with old friends. We are already looking forward to our next visit, so see you soon!"


"Thank you, Kevin & Cheryl, for a fabulous trip and experience again. Enjoyed the humour, laughter, stories and fellowship, as well as the great fishing. You didn’t know it, but you provided an awesome 37th anniversary for us! Thank you!"


"Scott Lake at night was A1!!! BIG PIKE! Up and down the river were lots of Pike and Walleye. Bay of Pigs lived up to it’s name. Great to be back after 16 years and now even better than I remember. Thanks for the amazing hospitality and help with all the cooking as well!"


"Amazing time!!  Thanks for having us.  Lifetime dream realized."


"Thanks for the great hospitality and great fishing!"


"Great as always! Food, fish and fun…..top notch! Thanks for everything!"


"Thanks a bunch. Another great trip with super fishing, lots of fun. Great hosts in Kevin and Cheryl and special thanks for their efforts in helping and advising when one of us had a significant infection problem. As with all past trips here, this was overall great and we give out a special thanks to our hosts."


"Thank you for your amazing hospitality! We had an amazing trip. Nick and I both caught 42” Pike! Amazing! We loved the shore lunches and the great company. We will be back."


"Another great trip. Thank you so much, Kevin and Cheryl. We feel like family every time we are here. Fishing was world class, as per usual. We can’t wait for next year."


"What a fabulous time we had! Cheryl and Kevin are the best hosts and we loved hearing their stories and experiences in this beautiful setting. The shore lunches were a real highlight, as well as the unique adventures that took us to some great fishing holes."


"What a beautiful place! Our cabin was charming and our hosts were fantastic. They had the funniest stories and LaRonge party tricks. It was such a lovely few days with great fishing and ever greater company."


"Had not fished in years. Caught more fish in five days than the last 50 years! My advice is to listen to Kevin and you will not be disappointed. Had a great time playing catch with Jazz. First dog I ever saw that could throw a ball. Would highly recommend this experience to everyone. Thanks so much. -- PS  Shore lunches were to die for!"


"You were the hosts with the most!! Hospitality second to none and shore lunches were great. The fishing was great. You know catch and release isn’t my bag but I know why. If ever you are in northern Ontario, my wife and I would love to have you. From the smartest man in the world. Love you both."


"The fishing was amazing and the guides were even better!"


"Our first “father/son” fishing trip is going to be a tough one to beat. 30+ fish per day and lots of big walleye and jacks. Kevin and Cheryl were top notch. I can’t wait to come back."


"We have been on many trips and nothing compares to Wheeler River Lodge! Kevin and Cheryl run a tight ship. We WILL BE BACK!"


"Thank you, Kevin & Cheryl, for a fabulous trip and experience again. Enjoyed the humour, laughter, stories and fellowship, as well as the great fishing. You didn’t know it, but you provided an awesome 37th anniversary for us! Thank you!"


"This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much within my time being here. I can now fillet a fish, drive a boat by myself and learned how to catch Arctic Grayling. This memory will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for the memories that we made. Hope to be back soon! PS Be back for the Lake Trout!!"


"What a wonderful week!! Thank you for sharing this place with us once again."


"We had another great week at Wheeler. Thank you both so much - you guys are such great hosts! We treasure your hospitality and your friendship."


"What a blessing it has been to bring my son north to this amazing piece of paradise! Thank you to Kevin and Cheryl for sharing this wonderful property and for my Dad and Mom for allowing us the opportunity to come along. A memory made that I will treasure forever!!"


"My first time being this far north. My first time being on a fishing trip. My first time being disconnected from the rest of the world. It sure is nice. Just you, your friends and family, the fish and the beer. This is an experience I will never forget. This place truly is paradise. We only hit rain once and it lasted for about a half hour. The only way to get fresher fish is to eat it raw. This is my first real fishing experience so of course, I lost many hooks, at least 25!! Uncle J sure is a great guide. We caught some pretty good fish. I definitely caught the most trees. Yup - that’s right - trees! I truly am thankful for this experience. I am definitely coming back whether it’s in 2 years or 10! Thank you, Kevin, Cheryl and Uncle Jordan for this!"


"I was so excited when my Dad said, “pack your bags. We’re going north!” I pulled out my rod to practice casting and I broke the top of my rod so I put it away. We woke up at 3 am and got on the plane (at 5:00). We unloaded and got organized. Uncle Jordan fixed my rod. First day went really well. Same with the second day until Cole started to lose hooks and we started to catch trees. On the 4th day, I caught 25 fish in four hours. Pretty good for a young like me! Next day, me, my Dad and Cole went out and I caught a 17 pounder. It was the heaviest fish I ever caught! I was pretty proud. Next thing, It’s time to leave. This week went by too fast but it was an adventure!"


"Great week, great weather, great company, better fishing! I was lucky enough to bring my son on his first trip to the north. Safe to say, he is hooked for life. Thanks to Kevin and Cheryl for hosting and sharing their piece of heaven."


"Brought my family back for another adventure in the north. We had great weather and enjoyed the company of friends and family. Fishing was good."


"Loved every minute!  A memorable 10th anniversary!  We had the best view and the cutest waitresses!  Can’t wait to be back."


"So amazing to see so many improvements after 13 years but heartening to see that the fishing is as incredible as ever. Your slice of heaven is unique in it's utter separation from civilization - a true wilderness experience that is so hard to find. Here's to many more years of enjoying and learning these never ending waters. Many, many thanks and blessings to all! PS I want the full-on hovercraft experience next time! Too cool!!!"


"Outstanding fishing, guide service and company. My first guided fishing experience in the north country and I'll be back! Kevin and Cheryl are first rate - as is Quinn!!"


"As always, I am thoroughly disappointed to leave. You guys make coming so easy and leaving so hard. Great fishing and hospitality. Fishing was outstanding. Cloudy weather was no problem for our fun. Thank you so much. "


"Outstanding trip and great accommodations! Super hosts! Fishing was superb!"


"Great weather, hot fishing (not too many monsters). A lot of 30-38". This place never gets old. Kevin and Cheryl are the best hosts you can ask for, great stories and run a fantastic lodge. Jazz did a great job of keeping the bears at bay. We saw three bears but not one at camp. The bald eagles were everywhere. The biggest pike was 48" (or so they say ;-). The old guys got the big ones but the young guys had more fun. Can't wait to make it back one of these years. I'll make it a full two week trip so I can fish all the water available! Only so much time and never enough beer. "


"Great way to spend my 23rd year at Wheeler River Lodge! Great family, friends and hosts. Thanks again, Cheryl and Kevin. See you on your 25th year at WRL!"


"Thank you very much for everything. The fishing was great and equipment is the best. The house is really nice."


"Thanks for another great fishing trip. Fishing was excellent and the accommodations and atmosphere were even better."


"Thanks for a great experience. The fishing was awesome and the camp was great."


"Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality, guidance and laughter in paradise! So glad we could finally make the trip here. It was the best way to celebrate my brother Don's retirement!"


"Wow! I am SO impressed! From the huge smiles and welcome on the dock to all of the experiences. I am feeling so grateful for your hospitality. Thank you once again for the birthday cheesecake and nice card. We will be back to the Wheeler and Lake Walter!!"


"Thanks so much for the unreal hospitality. You were so kind and your setup here blew my mind! The little portages/adventures are the best part. I look forward to coming back some day."


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the invite to your lodge. The beauty and peacefulness are restorative to my soul. My only regret is not bringing my kids with me! You are wonderful hosts, guides and friends. Thanks to Cheryl for the good company and meals and to Kevin for putting me onto the Grayling!"


"Fun time in Canada. Had a remarkable time."


"Thank you, or as we say in Hawaii, Mahalo!! Always hope I can make the following year’s fishing trip - and I hope next year is possible. The experience here is always memorable. "


" Once again, thanks for another great experience. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn are always at the top of their game! Caught more fish than I can count AGAIN! "


"Thanks again for a wonderful time. Trip two is just as memorable as the first. Your hospitality and generosity are such treats. Love everything about this place. "


"Thanks for a great time! First time has many memories along with the big fish! (43.5” and 40” Northern Pike) Many other big fish pulled to the boat,….. Hospitality from Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn the Mountain Man was great. "


"Our second time with this particular group was a success, the first being in July of 2012. We’re older now but unchanging is the quality of the fishing and hospitality of our hosts. Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl, for letting group after group share your amazing corner of this land. I’ll always remember that darkness never quite touched us here. Our biggest pike was 44” caught by Chris. We had two amazing shore lunches prepared excellently (as always) by Kevin. Nothing compares to Walleye fried over a fire. "


"It has been 16 years that you have been inviting us to Wheeler River Lodge for the “friends week”. We have appreciated the invite and treasured your friendship. The fishing, food and accommodation, the laughs, stories, grace before meals, the peace and beautiful scenery ware candy for the soul. God bless you and thank you! "


"Wow! What an amazing place! We’ve had the time of our lives. Thank you for your hospitality, your kindness, your willingness to share your knowledge and more importantly, the laughter and friendship we shared. "


"Thanks so much for inviting us again. Enjoyed everything about the week. Even the rain!! You are such wonderful hosts and great cooks! We appreciate the quiet, the beautiful country, the fishing, the social atmosphere, and all the friendships we have made. "


"The words “thank you” do not seem big enough for these wonderful five days. We have appreciated every minute of this amazing location but more importantly, we appreciate the opportunity to get to know both of you better. "


"Another amazing trip to “the North” as Ava says. As always, we enjoyed the time we get up here with Grandpa and Grandma. The girls enjoyed catching fish (even though Jayla was scared of hers - kind of like her Momma!). They loved the adventures and berry picking. I should note Kendra caught her biggest fish yet! Over 40” Pike. Just like that, the five days are over and we head back to real life. Until next time. "


"Rain the first two days out of a seven day trip.  Good fishing.  Great time."


"Great fishing experience. Excellent facilities, wonderful hosts. Great and relaxing week all around. "


"Great fishing and the equipment is the best. Practicing Cheryl on cribbage. "


"Another amazing week on the Wheeler River!  The weather was great and the fishing was even better.  Kevin, thank you again for your fantastic guiding and amazing shore lunches.  Lots of Walleye, Pike, and even some Lake Trout!  
Several Pike over 40”.  First big fishing trip for my 7 year old son and he had the time of his life!  To anyone that might read this, he wants you to know that there is a 42” Pike in Scott Lake with a #4 Mepps red and white lure in it’s mouth with his name all over it!  Yes, many tears were shed.
Thank you again, Cheryl and Kevin for an amazing week.  "


"Great time - super hosts!  "


"Caught two monster +40” Northerns and countless Walleye. The variety of lakes, rivers and streams teaming with life was a great experience that I will never forget."


"Another fantastic trip to the Wheeler.  There is no better way to spend quality time with the family.  Spent the night at the Outpost Camp.  Highly recommended.  Walleye fishing was fantastic.  Not as many big Northerns a we are used to but did catch a big 45” Pike.  "


"Year two for me!  Still great to be the only people on all these beautiful waters. Lots of fish.  Kept track for a couple of days.  In boat #1, we caught 89 Walleye and 77 Northerns.  Weather was hot for two days (90’s) and perfect for two days (70’s). Felt welcome and very well taken care of."


"Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn, once again you have outdone yourselves.  Every year we come to the Wheeler, you make it harder and more difficult to leave!  We truly adore and appreciate this place and each one of you.  This is slowly starting to feel, for each of us, less of a vacation and more like home.  The memories we make here and with you are always unforgettable and forever cherished.  You are some of the greatest guides and hosts that any group of guys could ask for.  It has come to the point of when Wheeler and you guys come up in discussion, we no longer refer to you as friends, and now as family.  We wish you many more years of running such an amazing camp.  With much love, "


"The first trip for a few of us.  First of all, we want to thank Kevin and Cheryl for the use of their lodge.  Very rare where a group of friends can have miles and miles of fishing to themselves.  Lots of fish, a few bears and endless views.
The first day, we fished the main lake.  Although I’m not sure how many fish were caught, I can say it was a lot.  
Over on Moore Lake, Bill caught two fish over 40” with one cast!!  I believe that record will never be broken.  A 40” and a 42” to be exact.  Later that day, CJ landed a 44”.  We had another big one on but it broke off.  One other fish measured 39” - we tried to stretch the fish or shrink the tape, but still only got 39” out of it!
Two boats on Todd and one boat to Scott.  Lots of rain - not as many fish.  Some caught more than others.  Did I say it rained??  It did.  But the beer was cold!
Two boats on Wheeler and one boat on Volhoffer.  Fishing was awesome!!  One boat in particular was having a spectacular day!
CJ had a giant on and the boat got pretty excited.  But as they say, that one got t   But not for long cause he hooked another and it measured 44”. Nice Pike!  Everyone switched to a red and white Daredevil after that!!  A bit later in the day, Dean caught a 46”.  Same boat - same result.  Lots of story telling back at lodge.
Last day of fishing - bummer.  away.  Bummer.  Two boats back to Moore Lakes and one boat to Wheeler.  Lots of fish and lots of rain.  Erik landed a 40” on Wheeler.  But the best story of the day was when Dean and CJ caught the same 45” Pike.  This Pike pulled drag on both reels.  Bill had to boat over to them to net the fish!!  Total teamwork!!
Packing up to leave.  Bill’s grandkids had an awesome time.  Ten year olds hanging out with a bunch of story tellers.  Logan caught his biggest fish ever (a 31” Pike).  Chase also caught his biggest fish ever (a 30” Pike).  Not to be outdone, Jake caught his biggest fish ever (a 36” Pike) off the dock!!
Everyone had a blast.  And I am certain that everyone will be back!!  "


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to come out and fish on your lakes. The Wheeler River Lodge is beautiful and wonderful place and the fishing is like nothing I've seen before. We must have caught well over 500 fish. It was a action packed fishing excursion. Thank you for the great fishing and your hospitality. "


"Saw 2 bears and a caribou. Fishing was outstanding. I caught so many gorgeous walleye. Had several great runs on Pike also. Kevin's shore lunches and Cheryl's treats are much appreciated! Thank you for the great time! "


"What a location! And the hospitality was as awesome as the views. The fishing is fantastic, but we come up here for much more than just the fishing and we were not disappointed. It's the perfect spot to get away from the pressures of life and unwind. We sure appreciated being allowed a laid back schedule. It's hard to leave! Thank you so much, Kevin and Cheryl. The time spent visiting with you guys and hanging out was a very important part of our time here. Can't wait to come back!! "


"We all had an amazing time. The days go by way too fast. The Wheeler River Lodge is one of the best places we have been by far. It is a trip to remember for sure. We love it here and we love Kevin and Cheryl AND Jazz (the fearless Lab). "


"WOW! Awesome fishing, friends and weather. My first trip here. I have never experienced such productive fishing. We never kept track till yesterday when our totals were about 100 Walleye and 30 Northerns. Kevin, you are a very gracious host. Steve fed us "humbly" (Wagu Ribeye, chicken alfredo, Walleye, etc.) Kevin's Lake Trout on cedar plank was a great appetizer. How nice to feel like you own all the lakes you fish. Not another soul to be seen! We'll be back!! "


"Cheryl and Kevin, what a great time we had! Good fishing, awesome scenery and lots of laughs! We had a wonderful time. "


"Wheeler River Lodge is a little slice of paradise. The hospitality (and entertainment from Kevin) are second to none. The fishing was great, the scenery sublime and the silence relaxing. Thanks. "


"Had a super time. Thank you both for taking such good care of us. Will be recommending your lodge to my fishing friends. It was my first getaway since my husband passed away. Will be ready for more runaways!! "


"It is a real challenge to find the words that come close to expressing my thoughts. It has been a truly unbelievable, one-of-a-kind adventure, and that is due wholly to Kevin and Cheryl (and Jazz!). Despite less than perfect weather, each day was exciting, rewarding and thrilling. Catching fish, seeing the bear, the eagles, shore lunches - and so much more. AND laughter, laughter and more laughter!! Cheryl and Kevin, thank you so much for sharing your home with us, your skills when guiding us and your friendship as well. What a truly amazing time - I'll cherish these memories for a long, long time!! "


"Had an awesome trip. Great fishing and camaraderie. Saw lots of different country. Thanks to Billy and Patty and my Captain Kenny, we faired well. Thanks to Kevin and Cheryl - very nice people. "


"The Butte Boys and Patty arrived late, due to wind and rain, only to have a great flight in with no issues and found great weather here. Got settled in. Went fishing, of course!! Caught more fish that we could count. Fished Todd. Thank goodness Kenny caught Walleye for supper or we'd have gone hungry!! LOTS of fish caught by all. Weather was what you'd expect on a fishing trip - had rain, sun and sleet!! Still a great day! Loved the cookies!! Fished Moore - Sun on and off. Dan caught 39" Pike. Billy caught a 41". Kenny caught Lake Trout, Pike, Walleye and White Fish!! Horse Shoe Bay was good for all. Hard to keep the Pike off the lines! Put Bruce's picture up in a pine tree in "Forever Bruce's Bay". Last place he fished in 2015!! Hard to think he won't be back. We'll miss him! I lost a big pike in his bay. Thanks for the flowers in the Lady's Room, Cheryl - nice touch!! Back to Moore - we caught over 100 Pike. Patty caught the biggest - a 41" pike - right in front of Bruce's picture in "Forever Bruce's Bay". I kind of got a little choked up because it was almost the same spot that Bruce caught a really big one on his fly. We saluted Bruce and went home. Last day fishing - Patty and Bill went down river and caught 101 Pike. Kenny and Dan went to Scott and caught a lot of Pike. Dan caught 38", 39" and 40" Pike. Kenny caught a 36". Back to camp and had a birthday party for Kenny and Patty - both born on June 14th, 1955! Lots of fish stories and some lies. Thanks again, Cheryl and Kevin for the dual birthday cake and a great, relaxing time. Signing off till next year. "


"Thank you for providing such a welcoming experience. Eddie has been after me for years to come with him. I could not be more happy that I did! Your hospitality is second to none. For me, this will be a lifetime memory. I would love to come back again if time would allow. Please don't every be afraid to stop by when or if you come to South Dakota!! "


"Once again, a wonderful experience. The guys had a great time, as did I. Thanks again and see you soon. "


"I'm sure glad Tim and Eddie convinced me to make this awesome journey to your camp!! You guys are rock solid hosts and I can't think of wanting for anything while here. Hope to return again sometime in the not too distant future. Food was great! Desserts were fantastic! Thanks, Cheryl! "


"Been to many camps over my 77 years of fishing, hunting, etc. In my opinion, this is the best. My bucket list is nearly fulfilled. I wish all the best for the coming years. May God bless you all!! "


"As always, you have provided an exceptional experience. The camp is comfortable and the boating equipment mechanically sound. Of note was getting into the canoe - with outriggers!! And seeing an engine start after setting for three years! Other highlights - caught plenty of Pike, Walleye and ten over 30". Time was short though I hope to come again. This was at least my 5th time here. Living in Maui, HI makes getting here a challenge, yet I hope to get here next year!! "


"What a wonderful time in the north woods! We came as customers and left as friends. My compliments to you on running a professional and friendly camp. The fishing and hunting were great and your skilled guiding was awesome. It was a joy getting to know you. Cheryl, thanks for the daily baked goods...now we know why Kevin never wants to skip a meal. Ava was so friendly - a joy to see and visit with every day. My sincere hope is to return someday. I will certainly recommend your camp to others. You'll be missed! "


"The fish, the people, the bear,....top notch all the way around! You can go a lot of places and the guides just get you through the week but at Wheeler River Lodge, you feel like part of the family! Been all over from Canada, Alaska, Africa and this is by far the best run camp I've been to. Cheryl, Kevin, Jordan and Q-Tip, you've made this experience premium. Thank you. "


"I haven't been many places in my day but I never could have dreamed of a place like this to fish and hunt. The hunting was crazy and the fishing was the best I've ever seen or heard of! I have zero complaints. I could not have asked for a better trip or experience. "


"My first trip to Canada, flying on a float plane, catching pike (38"), walleye,...fantastic fishing! Fun group to be with. Our guide, Quinn, was impressive with knowledge of hot fishing holes. He has a peaceful soul and a considerate person. Great time. "


"Long trip from Maui but,....fourth time here and I hope not the last."


"Quality experience, excellent fishing. Several large pike and walleye. Kevin showed us the ropes and we will be back. Cheryl and Kevin were excellent hosts. Everything was first class with a wilderness setting. Great diversity of fishing experience and solitude."


"Yet another wonderful trip visiting Kevin and Cheryl! We had tons of fun fishing and napping in all kinds of weather and caught lots of great fish! Our first timer, Jessica, caught a 40" Northern Pike and Milo a 38" Pike, along with many other notable fish. The Walley fishing in Todd was great as always! Abby did a great job filleting all our fish. She's a quick learner! She and Jessica also had a blast going out in the kayak; Jazz did an awesome job keeping an eye on them (even swimming across the bay with them!) and protecting us all from bears. Never met a more protective and endearing dog! Many thanks to Kevin and Cheryl for being such wonderful hosts. We all look forward to coming back again soon! Thanks again for a great week!"


"I caught a 44" Pike and the smallest Lake Trout Quinn as ever seen!"


"We had the best time fishing for Pike, Trout and Walleye. The shore lunch, Kevin's birthday dinner and cake, lake pedi's, playing catch with Jazz and hanging out with Cheryl and Kevin! The week went by entirely too fast! Until next time,..... "


"Best place in the world to catch fish and have a great time!"


"What a great place to spend time with friends and family. Lots of fish and super owners. They treat you like family!"


"We have been to northern Saskatchewan many times but this has been our best trip by far. The fishing has been great and the acomodations superb. The best part has been the hospitality shown by Kevin and Cheryl. It truly has been a joy to associate with them and Quinn. We have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for a wonderful week."


"First time here was in 1991. Now is my 4th trip. Love this place! Was able to bring my son this trip which makes three generations here. Caught as many fish as we wanted, primarily from the fly: big Pike and many Walleye. The top water on the Pike is spectacular. This plaec is as good as the first time I as here. The camp has improved only with what is necessary. Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl for keeping the solitude! Kevin, you're a class act, a real gentleman!"


"Weather was perfect. Sunburn every day! Very nice to spend a week just hanging with family. Ava's (3) first fish on her broken "Frozen" rod was a 36" Pike! She kept her cool but cried when Daddy had to let it go. Got great pictures of a cow moose feeding in the water and Ava can now speak "moose"! The girls got pedicures on the deck while the boys were out trying to provide for the family. The gals taught us a lesson in playing cards when we got back. We hate to leave but we'll be back. So glad that our familly loves it here. Hope our girls still want to come back when they're teenagers! I know they had fun with Grandpa and Grandma! "


"God has blessed us with wonderful friends in Kevin and Cheryl. Their invitation to and hospitality at Wheeler Rier Lodge is like a warm hug. We fished, hiked, ate, played crib, watched Jazz dive and laughed and laughed!! "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine", the Bible says. We are flying out tomorrow followed by Kevin and Cheryl in their hovercraft. How do we say thank-you for sharing this little (vast) piece of heaven with us? It has brought us so much joy! PS Lorna caught a 41" and 42" Pike."


"Simply the best! The best fishing, company, food and laughter."


"Your guiding and hosting skills are amazing, Cheryl & Kevin. Terrific holiday!"


"What a wonderland of beauty, laughter, friendship and let's not forget fishing!! Kevin and Cheryl, thank you! You are truly wonderful hosts. Highlights: 42" Pike, 38" Pike, shore lunches, rainy afternoon at cabin, meals, conversation, and laughs!! This has been a piece of our country everyone should see at one point in their life!"


"WOW! What a great experience, thanks to the hospitality of Kevin and Cheryl! Awesome setting and diverse options every day. Where else can you catch four species in one day: Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling."


"Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic camp and beautiful waters with us. The variety of fishing spots and the size of the fish are something to behold. I appreciate that you are preserving this little slice of heaven with the CR3 status. See you again!"


"Thanks for hosting us at your beautiful camp/home. Best fishing ever."


"Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl. In my 12 years of fishing northern Saskatchewan, this was the best ever. So much water and options for fishing with rapids, walk-ins, Lake Trout,...."


"Thank you for a terrific time. Kevin's expert guiding and Cheryl's un-matched hospitality make this trip one for the ages. Thanks for a great week!"


"My team wants to thank you for such a great time. We so enjoy you folks and your terrific piece of paradise!"


"Wonderful camp. Great experience! Fishing was just amazing! Thanks a bunch!"


"Thank you so much for the amazing trip. You guys make our stay so much more enjoyable!"


"Kevin and Cheryl, you outdid yourselves again! Kenny's birthday cake for his 60th! We'll say it again, 'You two are the best!!' "


"Good company, good food, good drink! Oh ya - fishing was great as always!"


"Great fishing and great hosts as always. Wheeler River really makes you feel like a kid again. My home away from home!"


"Great memories were had this year. Thank you Kevin and Cheryl for another great year. See you next time!"


"Once again, Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn - we had a blast! Bears, moose, fish - we saw it all! Thanks again for making us feel at home. See you soon."


"Awesome place to get away and had a great time fishing. Both Kevin and Cheryl seem like your aunt and uncle when you're here!"


"A couple of years ago, "Tucker Bay" was christened.  This year, it's "Every Cast Bay"!!  Bill caught 12 in a row!  61 total, over 100 on the day!!  Full moon and Friday the 13th!  A first!  Everyone caught over 100 fish except for the "chucker"!  Everyone caught a 40" or bigger Pike!  Forty inch talley:  CJ - 45", 44", 43" 42", 40.5"!  Bill - 43.5", 42.5", 42", 41", 40"!  Mike - 44", 43"!  Andy - 44", 42", 40.5", 40"!  Mike caught Pike, Walleye, Perch, Lake Trout and Whitefish!!  Kevin and Cheryl, thank you from all of us!"


"Great father/son getaway! Had an unbelievable night in Scott Lake - two 40" Pike on at once! What an experience!! Landed both fish and got great pics! Caught three Pike over 40" in two hours and many more in mid to high 30" mark. Bay of Pics was excellent,....caught 43.5", 41", 40", 40", 39", 39", 38", 38", 37", 37" and many 36-32" Pike!!! Surprised 45.5" Pike on first night fishing for Walleye! Walleye lake was unbelievable. We both caught 60-80 Walleye each day we fished it! 26.25" was our best Walleye of the trip. Average size we caught was 23-24" Walleye in that lake - what great fishing! Thank you so much, Kevin and Cheryl, for our great experience! Hope to bring back the kids in the near future! Saw some great bears on this trip - added bonus! "


"Another great avdenture at the Wheeler! Many Pike over 40". Largest Lakers we ever caught. Walleye average over 23" - many 24-27.5". Lots of wildlife: moose, bear, otter, beaver, marten, eagles. Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl for another great trip! "


"This is my 6th year fishing the Wheeler River system but my first here at Wheeler River Lodge. The lodge, camp, hosts and Quinn are top notch. You can tell Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn enjoy what they are doing and take pride in maintaining a great camp and experience. The fishing was slower than what I am used to here on the Wheeler system. I would say I averaged around 2 dozen fish per day without trying too hard. Could have caught more if I just wanted to sit over the Walleye holes. Big pike were almost impossible to find. Only found one at 40" on the last day at Scott Lake. Walleyes were good with larges being 26.5". Lake Trout were good with largest being 30". Grayling were illusive with none being caught. Wildlife and scenery were great as usual. Would enjoy coming back to try for the big Pike again. Next time I'll try to remember my fly rod. Quinn is a great guide and Kevin and Cheryl are the finest."


"Great time was had by all! Lots of Walleye and big Pike were the order of the day. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn - great host, hostess and guide! I really don't know what more one could want from a wilderness fishing experience. Terrific people and a supurb camp!"


"A trip to remember! Fun for all! Thanks for everything,...until next time!"


"Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl for a great week of fishing and hospitality. It was a real pleasure to come to such a facility that was clean and all the equipment works nice as well! Thanks for everything. PS Cheryl: Baker "extrordinaire"!"


"Had a great time. Lots of fish: Walleye, Pike and our first Lake Trout! Real thrill to catch the Lake Trout! Anne caught huge 43.5" Pike. Experienced an adventure in a small boat that sparked a new name!!?? Great week spent with great friends! Kevin and Cheryl are super! Perfect! PS Walleye fishing was FANTABULOUS!! "


"We had another great week at Wheeler River. Lots of good fishing. Lots of laughs, great food and good fellowship. Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl for your hospitality and friendship."


"Kevin and Cheryl welcomed us, guided us and entertained us ! What wonderful friends to share this beautiful place with us. Leaving tomorrow taking many wonderful memories. Thank you."


"Great week! Cheryl and Kevin were their usual wonderful, loving selves! I had a great time and did I mention the fish? Unbelievable! I caught a 38" Pike, a 39" Pike (and a nice Lake Trout!)"


"What an experience! We didn't know what to expect, but the lodge, equipment and fishing met and exceeded anything we could have imagined. The "fishing experience" was great, but the fun we had with everyone may have even been better! What a great group of people! Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome and instantly at home. Kevin and Cheryl are hosts beyond compare - a special thanks to you both."


"Great trip! Lots of walleye and big pike! Best place to spend Father's day with your Dad. Love it up here. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn do a great job to keep this place nice."


"Fishing was great. Caught some nice Pike and lots of Walleye. Girls caught Lake Trout. Another great fishing trip. Many thanks Kevin & Cheryl for your hospitality and friendship."


"The hospitality was FANTASTIC! There is no better way to spend time with friends and get to know each other better. Some great memories were created this week. I have fallen in love with the north. The scenery and solitude is breathtaking."


"Darndest thing – from very few big fish to wait a day, back to the same lake, to “Knocking the crap out of ‘em”. The Pike, that is! Tucker Bay christened 41” Pike but,…..the very next day, his Granddad caught a 42.5”, 39” and 35”. And then the next day, his Uncle caught a 39”, The Doc caught a 37”. Then,….when one thought it couldn’t get any better, up pops the Barrel Hole with The Doc catching 46” Pike. On to the Bull Pen and Bay of Pigs with some 40’s, 41’s and 43’s. Perfect!"


"I love being outside in the woods but Kevin and Cheryl really make mealtime fun. They are both wonderful people. Even though I didn’t shoot a bear, this trip will always be a very special one. Such a fun trip to the Wheeler."


"It was the trip of our lifetime. Awesome fishing, great fellowship, lots of laughter, beautiful scenery and wonderful hosts. Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl for your great hospitality."


"Thanks again, Kevin and Cheryl. Every year creates new and exciting memories. I will never forget the experience Nate and I enjoyed together. You guys made his time here unforgettable. Thanks for the memories – AGAIN! Day #1 – Nate (age 11) caught 45” Northern Pike before noon! Day #3 – 3 bears (2 black and 1 cinnamon)."


"All was great. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn were fantastic. We had a super time."


"Thanks for the great adventure; the fishing, the scenery, the stroll down the “Venice Canal”, the outstanding scenery, the shore lunches and the list goes on! We lucked out on a week of perfect weather. The accommodations were just like home. We hope someday to return to this paradise and renew friendships with Cheryl & Kevin."


"I would recommend Wheeler River Lodge to anyone who wants an ultimate fishing and hunting adventure of a lifetime. Accommodations are superb – very comfortable cabin with lots of amenities. Kevin, the outfitter, is one of, if not THE, greatest hosts going! Very gracious and friendly. Hope to return in the near future for another great stay."


"Once again, great fishing, great scenery and great hosts. Thanks for everything - wonderful time!"


"Nice cabin and beautiful scenery. Seening the wildlife was an added bonus. Hope to come back another time. Our hosts, Kevin & Cheryl, were incredibly nice and accommodating. Fishing was great and will have many memories and photos to share back home."


"Wheeler River Lodge – a small slice of heaven – great place to share with new friends and children!"


"What a trip! Good weather, exceptional fishing all day long and all in the luxury of home! This camp cannot be beat!"


"Great trip; great fishing and accommodations; good friends, cold beer. Life is great!"


"Had a great time and saw some beautiful country. Caught a lot of fish. Great camp & great people!"


"We loved it all – the north, the air, the water & the fishing."


"Thanks for the memories! For sharing this beautiful spot of God’s creation with us."


"The place – a place to return to for sure – beautiful, serene, tranquil and all that. But I think one of the best words would be,…”therapeutic” for everyone."


"We had a most memorable trip for all of us. Every place Quinn took us has its own personal memory for all 9 of us. While fishing, we got great sighting of bears, eagles, moose, hawk & beaver"


"Although I didn’t catch any world record fish, I had a wonderful time with my family! I learned less about fishing this year and more about myself. Number 1: I am a very blessed young man: the fact that I have the opportunity to be here with my Uncle M and his family is amazing. Number 2: Every moment is precious from going around with my Grandpa to catching that 40”+ Pike; it’s all important. Thank you to my Uncle M for his generosity and also to Kevin and Cheryl for keeping this place so well maintained and keeping us coming back. God Bless!"


"Celebrated my 50th birthday in this great place. If we have to get older, this is the place to do it! Our stay at the Wheeler was very comfortable and enjoyable. Can’t wait to get back here."


"The six of us caught more fish than we ever dreamed of. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. There are so many great memories of giant fish that we can’t do justice on paper. All of us hate to leave and are already planning on a return trip!"


"I’ve been to Canada many times over the last 30 years. This produced the most quality fish I’ve caught. I really had a good time."


"Thanks for the great experience and big Walleye and Pike."


"This trip was so unbelievable that I'm not going to attempt to document the sheer numbers and sizes of the fish we had caught this week. Consistent 200+ Walleyes yarded each day with the largest (28.5") coming out of Drift Lake. The largest fish of the trip was Kyle's 44" Northern Pike. Great hosts, great friends, great meals, the great outdoors!!"


"The big Pike kept eating our small Pike when were we trying to bring them to the boat. We were beginning to wonder if we were using too small bait. Caught the Pike in a feeding frenzy at Walleye Alley. Neat to see the big Pike chasing all the small fish. Caught one 40” Northern during the frenzy."


"As the first Australian to visit Wheeler River Lodge, I will be able to take many tales of excellent fishing, beautiful sights and great company down under. The highlight of Canada so far!"


"Great fishing, food & cabin. Weather couldn’t be better. Lots of good times. Many, many good memories."


"I have planned this trip for 2 years and travelled about 1130 miles, then 75 minutes on float plane. Had a great time."


"Nice trip. Nice hospitality. Good time with family. Thank you for the adventure."


"An amazing experience - absolutely loved catching the Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye. So much fun! Thank you to Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn. You are the best hosts ever. We had a fabulous time."


"Another wonderful holiday! Caught the biggest fish I've ever seen in my life - 45" pike. What a warm, cozy cabin to come back to on a cold, rainy day."


"30 Pike over 12 lbs; one over 24 lbs. Caught 12 Pike from 16 - 25 lbs in an hour; over 100 Walleye in three hours."


";It is very nice here. The fishing is very good. Caught lots of Northern Pike and Walleye. Caught four Lake Trout too!"


"Millions of little jacks. Forty pike from 15-27 lbs. Best pike fishing ever. Good walleye fishing."


"Although the fishing was a bit slower than years past, it was fun as always. The weather was unusual this year. First, it was cold, then hot, then cold again and finally it just got nice. We’ve noticed that the fish in Todd seem to get bigger every year. I personally caught a 36” and a 38” Pike in Todd and also several 6 lb Walleye. This place is amazing fun and we enjoy coming here. Good luck and God Bless."


"Another wonderful experience with Canada's finest guide/outfitter, Kevin Rowswell! This place is one of the best kept secrets in fly-fishing. Having fished some of the most remote destinations of the world, I would rate Wheeler River Lodge at the top of the list for both quality and quantity of fish. Truly a "life list" destination everyone who calls himself a fisherman should enjoy! Wow!"


"Very gracious hosts. Fishing was awesome. Thanks."


"The best and most Pike we've ever caught on the Wheeler. Opening day (and only a half at that) if someone's fly-fishing partner had hooked every fish he missed, we'd have caught over a hundred fish!! Cheryl, you're the best! Kevin, thank you for another great trip. You know what a great experience this is for all of us."


"My first fishing trip. Wow! Thanks for the fun. Beautiful place."


"My first fishing trip was a blast! Thanks for the hospitality!"


"Great camp - great fishing!"


"My second time was even better than the last. Love the hosts. Be here next year."


"WOW! What a great place - Wheeler River,....so remote, relaxing and beautiful. We had a great time on the Wheeler, Todd, Moore, Bay of Pigs, Scott and a few holes we named ourselves. Kevin & Cheryl are great hosts, very kind and genuine people. Quinn is a very nice guide. Great people here. We have many memories here. Thank you so much."


"Thanks for the wonderful memories!"


"Thank you, Kevin & Cheryl, for the whole experience. It has absolutely been a distinctly memorable trip; memories that will last a lifetime! Lucky us! "


"After a 5 year wait to return, the fish still taste like fish should, the beautiful scenery of the north still amazes and the hospitality is still the very best! AND I even saw an amazing plant that I have not seen before - a huge, pink Lady Slipper! (Sorry, you fishermen, but the north offers more than just fish!! Thanks, Cheryl & Kevin! "


"What a great experience you shared with us! It was such a pleasure to be able to enjoy it with the two of you and our other travellers. Your lodge struck me (as I mentioned) as such a neat, tidy and welcoming place from the second it came into view from the plane. Although I don’t know why I would expect anything less from the Rowswells! Thanks again for taking us to see so many spectacular examples of northern Saskatchewan land and lakes, and of course, the fishing! What could I add to that? A wonderful stay, great sights, sounds and company, and of course, the extra touch with the birthday/anniversary celebration. Thanks so much! "


"The fishing was amazing and the guides were even better! "


"Our first “father/son” fishing trip is going to be a tough one to beat. 30+ fish per day and lots of big walleye and jacks. Kevin and Cheryl were top notch. I can’t wait to come back. "


"We have been on many trips and nothing compares to Wheeler River Lodge! Kevin and Cheryl run a tight ship. We WILL BE BACK! "


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Once again, our trip to Wheeler River was world class from start to finish. The fishing has ruined us all for the lakes back home and the hospitality the two of you provide is second to none! Thanks to Cheryl for the desserts (and for making sure we were eating some veggies!). The shore lunch with Kevin was a highlight and we all agree that the “Shore Lunch Restaurant” would be a hit in all the major airports! Got the second time, we are all leaving with smiles on our faces and looking forward to the next time we can come visit your piece of paradise! "


"What an most awesome experience! Such a great diversity of lakes, rivers and streams to fish,…..several species of fish to catch! Cheryl and Kevin, you are top rate hosts! I am also so appreciative of “Rob’s Recliner”! Thank you, Cheryl & Kevin! We will see you again. "


"Didn’t think it was possible for this trip to be better than the last trip. It was. Thanks for organizing the weather, the bugs, the fish and sunset times to benefit us!
Out lakes - awesome
River - awesome
Lots of fun. Thinking maybe three good days to recuperate!! Thanks again. We’ll see you again (soon, we hope!) "


"Thanks so much for hosting a most memorable fishing experience. Your facilities are top notch! Wheeler River is one of the most scenic northern locations that I’ve ever been to. I hope to return soon. "


"This was an amazing trip! No injuries to report, fishing was great, with the diversity of species and target species to hook, we really had it all. Thank you for the excellent hospitality and kindness during our stay. "


"This was our second time at Wheeler River. We fished all of the main lakes. Our group caught over 500 fish in five days. Kevin, Cheryl and Jazz are great hosts! "


"This was one of the most wonderful fishing experiences we have ever had! From the diverse fishing locations, to the shore lunches and then the evening filled with great laughs and stories, we couldn’t have had a better time if we had planned it perfectly. The fishing was spectacular. To go from catching Walleye in narrow channels to catching Pike along the shore of every river and lake, we entered, I have never thought I would have a fishing experience like this! Kevin and Cheryl were unbelievable hosts. They opened their lodge to us and made us feel like part of their family. We felt very blessed to have descended upon this remote piece of northern Saskatchewan. If I was never to fish again, this experience will have gone down as one of the best fishing experiences I’ve had to date. Thanks again, Kevin, Cheryl and Jazz, for being exceptional hosts and even more amazing human beings! You are role models to all of us! "


"Thank you for a wonderful week of adventure in the pristine wilderness of northern Saskatchewan. You have created such a wonderful atmosphere in your camp. We enjoyed much good fellowship. We think that you are a wonderful example of love, joy and peace in action, the first two fruits of the Holy Spirit. These are in quiet operation at all times. Joy deserves a special mention. This is the only place I’ve been with a toilet plunger in the outhouse with “Good Luck” written on the handle! We are grateful for our time spent here with special friends. We leave renewed and refreshed! Thanks so much. "


"Thank you so much or your warm hospitality, guiding, teasing, awesome shore meals, great accommodation, etc, etc. I so enjoyed getting to know the Rowswells and the T’s. Two very special Saskatchewan couples and one awesome Alberta couple! We were so thankful for our answer to prayer in a tense fire situation. The rain was as refreshing as was our week here. Thank you so much. "


"What a great week of fishing, fellowship and laughter!!! Thank you for such a wonderful holiday. We will treasure these memories forever (especially outrunning a forest fire by boat!)! Such a beautiful place and awesome company. God bless you, Rowswell family and WRL! PS I will forever remember, “Fish on, Darren!” echo across the lake from now on whenever we catch a fish! (however, it was usually Sharon who had the fish!!) Such good times. "


"Another fabulous trip in the books. A trip up with the T’s and Dr. Death was a great chance fo get back to the North country! The weather was all over the map and fires hampered a few of our plans, but many laughs were had. Always great to return! "


"So very grateful to be able to come up here and decompress and leave the chaos of the world. Even though the north brings it’s own chaos, it’s good for the soul. "


"This is my second time at Wheeler. It was just as good as the first. The fishing was first class as well as the bear hunting. Kevin and Cheryl are terrific hosts. Thank you for a great time! "


"Kevin, Cheryl, Jordan, Quinn: Thanks for a great week in Canada! In the first hour and half, we had 3 bears on the ground. This was a incredible start to the trip and it only seemed to get better after that! To anyone reading this journal, the big Pike are in Scott Lake (either just before or just after the small pass in the lake). Thanks again for a great trip and well run camp. "


"Truly one of the best camps I've ever been to! Bear hunting was amazing and the fishing was out of this world! Kevin, Cheryl, Jordan and Quinn are some of the friendliest and professional people I've met! I've been privileged, even at a young age, to get to go to many camps and they don't get any better than the Wheeler River Lodge!! Thanks, guys! "


"I've been a lot of places in my time. I've traveled all over the world. Most of the time I can improve upon a camp. However, I must say, I cannot offer any advice to improve this camp. Kevin, Cheryl, Jordan and Quinn are wonderful people. This place is crazy. The bear hunting, the fishing, the fellowship - is and has been unbelievable. Myself and my friends will return. The honest truth is you can't beat this place. "


"Rhubarb pie, quiet confidence, impeccable character, opportunity for memories and beginnings of good times just scrape the surface of the way that Kevin and Cheryl run the Wheeler River Lodge. Quinn, you personify quiet confidence. Thank you for your genuine hospitality and care. All the scenery and beauty I knew I'd find in northern Saskatchewan. I waited for years to come back to Canada to bag a bear with my bow and had a very memorable hunt, capped off with a great walk through the northern woods to find my bear with two great sportsmen, Kevin and Quinn, to find out I had finally succeeded in bagging a bear. Loved fishing the Wheeler River waters and managed to land a 40 inch+ Northern and a Lake Trout. Cheryl was the most gracious of hostesses and I can't be more pleased with my time at Wheeler River Lodge. "