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Fly-In Fishing at Wheeler River Lodge

Let's Get Fishing!

One of Saskatchewan's Top Fishing Destinations

There is an excellent chance to land all of our five species (Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Whitefish) in a single day. With miles of water access from our river system as well as several walk-in lakes, you'll find it impossible to fish all our waters on your first trip. That's one of the reasons many of our guests return year after year.

Main Lake

Our lodge is situated on a peninsula approximately in the middle of our fishing area. From here, we access both waters up and down river which provides excellent Pike, Walleye and Grayling action. There’s enough fishing access from the main lodge to satisfy at least a couple of days of outstanding fishing opportunities.
Crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and pools below some rapids lead to opportunities for trophy fish around every corner. Northern Pike up to 42” have been caught right off the dock!!
This river system and associated waters leads us to other walk-in opportunities which are a short hike from various points up or down stream.

Walk-in Lakes

Accessible by short walks from the river system, many choices await our anglers. Some of these waters will hold Pike only while others tend to have a higher population of Walleye. Two of these lakes are where you will be able to focus on Lake Trout if so inclined while others have a combination of all species which makes for outstanding day trip opportunities complete with the ever popular shore lunch. For the more adventuresome angler, there is also a fully stocked outpost cabin where you are welcome to spend a night or two. This allows our guests to explore the far reaches of our area. Many adventures await at our walk-in lakes. Your biggest problem is deciding which species you’d like to target for the day!

Fly-In Walleye Fishing

Walleye is on everyones’ list as a preferred fish in Saskatchewan and is certainly one of our top two target species here at Wheeler River Lodge. The northern waters produce a deep green and golden colour with a bright splash of white on the tail tip and a spiny dorsal fin which adds some flare to your photos. The firm, white meat and mild taste make it a favourite for shore lunches or evening dinners. Pan-fried, they simply can’t be beat! Walleye in the 22-28” range are common.

Gear Recommendations

In our northern waters, the Walleye are not nearly as finicky as they can be in the south. They will attack just about any Pike lure you have including the classic spoon. However, nothing beats the combination of a plastic worm on a jig head for presentation to a Walleye. Bring a rod with a medium action shaft and sensitive tip to maximize your Walleye numbers.

saskatchewan walleye fly-in fishing

Fly-In Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike are the most voracious predator fish in our waters. Their Latin name is Essox Lucious, which translates to "water wolf", a very fitting name. These fish will eat anything that swims in their territory and are clearly angry when they get caught. After striking your lure with a ferocious ambush attack, they will headshake aggressively and take long runs at the sight of the boat.

Pike come in lengths from the occassional small but feisty 12 incher to 48 inches or bigger. A 40 inch pike is considered a big fish, but the 12 incher will still go after the same size lure. Pike have beern known to be opportunistic feeders, occasionally striking the fish you are reeling in.

Gear Recommendations

Everything is on the menu when Northern Pike fishing. Big spoons, small spoons, crank baits, just about anything you toss their way has a chance to get bit by a Pike. Don’t be surprised when you think you are jigging for Walleye when a big Pike takes your jig for a meal! You will want a heavier test line and at least a medium action rod for fighting the bigger Pike in our northern lakes. Pike will often be found in the weedy parts of our bays and back eddies. It’s not uncommon to have to fight both the fish and a batch of weeds as they run for the bottom when hooked. Don’t forget your steel leaders. The sharp teeth of a Pike will shred a mono line in seconds.

saskatchewan northern pike fly-in fishing


"What a great week of fishing, fellowship and laughter!!! Thank you for such a wonderful holiday. We will treasure these memories forever (especially outrunning a forest fire by boat!)! Such a beautiful place and awesome company. God bless you, Rowswell family and WRL! PS I will forever remember, “Fish on, Darren!” echo across the lake from now on whenever we catch a fish! (however, it was usually Sharon who had the fish!!) Such good times. "

Fly-In Lake Trout Fishing

The massive tails on Lake Trout propel them like a torpoedo through water and their strikes are like a sledgehammer hitting your lure. In our summer season these Lake Trout are deep dwelling fish, found in 60-80 feet of water.

Like Northern Pike, Lake Trout will attack anything that looks like a meal so smaller fish need to be on the alert. As they move deeper they often forage on lake ciscos and shiner minnows.

Gear Recommendations

You will need to go down and get these deep water fish and they will fight you all the way up so you want a strong braided line and a rod with a stiff backbone. Silver spoons and heavy jigs can be successful. For the fly angler, this is not your bug-eating rainbow or brown trout sipping dry flies on the surface. This is a meat eater looking for a meal. In late spring and early fall Lake Trout move to shallow waters, suspending about rocky reefs and will willingly take to large streamer flies.

saskatchewan lake trout fly-in fishing

Fly-In Arctic Grayling Fishing

The Arctic Grayling is best experienced on the fly rod but can also be just as exciting when caught using a spinning rod. A highly acrobatic fish when caught, it will flash it’s iridescent sides and when the sail is on full display, you will know why this is the sailfish of the north! When you are fishing Grayling, it’s the pure joy of light tackle fishing. A 15 inch fish is a good fish as they top out a little over 20 inches. The jumping and in-air twisting make this an extremely fun fish to catch. Then enjoy the fight!

Arctic Grayling tend to hang out in faster waters. If they venture into the slower waters of the river mouths or main lake bodies, they must run the gauntlet of Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike looking for a meal.

Arctic Grayling tend to hang out in faster waters. If they venture into the slower waters of the river mouths or main lake bodies they must run the gauntlet of Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike looking for a meal.

Gear Recommendations

Spinning rod anglers will do well with a light action rod and light spinners such as Mepps, Blue Fox, Panther Martin or small spoons, keeping the lure high in the water. Light floating lures are a popular and successful choice as well. Fly anglers will have a choice of tossing dry flies such as mayflies and caddis or suspending stoneflys and even smaller wooley buggers.

saskatchewan arctic grayling fly-in fishing