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Trophy Black Bear Hunting at Wheeler River Lodge

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Hundreds of Acres of Hunting Wilderness

Black Bear Hunting

Saskatchewan Trophy Black Bear Hunts - Excellent bear opportunities with the bonus of fantastic fishing. Tree stands or spot and stalk, whatever your preference.

Since we often book up early with fishing guests only, our area is not hunted every year for bears. Consequently, our population is probably comprised of more large bears than most camps. Our success rate is virtually 100% with many trophy class bears taken over the years. We are confident you will enjoy your combination trip of black bear hunting and outstanding fly-in fishing.

There is an excellent chance to land all of our five species (Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Whitefish) in a single day. With miles of water access from our river system as well as several walk-in lakes, you'll find it impossible to fish all our waters on your first trip. That's one of the reasons many of our guests return year after year.

Information required to purchase a bear tag on client's behalf:

1. Full name
2. Mailing address
3. Physical address (if different)
4. Phone number (home, cell or work - just note which one it is)
5. Date of Birth
6. Height
7. Eye Color
8. Hair color
9. County
10. Drivers' license or passport number




"Kevin, Cheryl, Jordan, Quinn: Thanks for a great week in Canada! In the first hour and half, we had 3 bears on the ground. This was a incredible start to the trip and it only seemed to get better after that! To anyone reading this journal, the big Pike are in Scott Lake (either just before or just after the small pass in the lake). Thanks again for a great trip and well run camp. "