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Fly-In Fishing Stories From Wheeler River Lodge Customers

Let's Get Fishing!

Below you will find a number of fishing stories direct from our customers. We simply sent an email to our customers and asked them to describe their experience, their time at our northern Saskatchewan Fly-In Fishing Lodge and the replies just kept pouring in.

David Drexler July 21-26, 2015

I’m not sure where we first heard about the Wheeler River Lodge – I think it was a visit by one of the boys to an outdoor show.  He came back saying it could be interesting, and “one of these days we should give it a try.”  We fish together in Northern Saskatchewan at least once a year, have done so for 30+ years.
Well, we’ve been up twice now.  Both trips were extraordinary.  If I’m lucky I’ll be up there again.
If there’s one thing that’ll bring us back, it’s the fishery.  Very well managed.  Very dynamic.  Lots of big fish.
Yes, you can find lots of big fish in many places in Northern Saskatchewan.  What’s unique about the Wheeler River Lodge is the effort that the hosts undertake to bring you together with those fish.
The big river itself is an accessible ten km of fine walleye and pike; we’ve been shown a half-dozen spots where pulling in fish with big shoulders gets so busy that you don’t have time to eat a snack or open a beer.  So, for a very pleasant day on the river, once you have a bit of familiarity, you can go wherever you want.
The fun magnifies with the lakes that Kevin and Cheryl have “attached” to the river.  These are bodies of Canadian Shield water which are connected via streams, marshes or paths and contain all the other species that this part of the world is known for.  Yes, you can catch big pike in the river itself, but on some of these attached lakes you can find dinosaurs who don’t see a lot of 5’s of diamonds.  Kevin says, “cast over there,” and yowser.  We have lots of wonderful pictures of big (I mean big) fish.  Which Kevin caringly ensures go back into the water none the worse for wear.  Or fat lake trout.  Or Arctic grayling in the fast water.
And if you don’t like the idea of a portage between the river and one of the lakes, don’t worry.  The paths are wide and clear and clean.  And, the only thing you have to carry is your beverage.  Because your host, ever the intrepid inventor, has built dolly carts – most motorized – upon which all the rain gear, cold weather clothes, rods, tackle, shore lunch equipment, beverages, first aid (I assume) and bear “repellents” you could imagine are magically transported from one beach to the next.  Yes, you have to walk the path.  But they’re pleasant walks to the boats that are waiting at the destination.
Shore lunch every day, on rivers and lakes which are absolutely beautiful.  Friendly, super-competent hosts.  Comfortable accommodation.  Not sure why you wouldn’t want to visit.


NOTE: The initial pictures on this video are of their visit to LaRonge on their way to WRL.  This was the year of the evacuation in LaRonge. 

Rena Weikle Fishing Story, 2017

If you have ever had a a fly-in fishing adventure on your bucket list Wheeler River Lodge is a super option. Myself and 4 friends headed to WRL in June 2017. The fishing was spectacular… the hospitality second to none, and the quiet serenity at the Wheeler unsurpassed. One member of our party just kept repeating ‘This is just so tranquil’. Leave your cellphones behind, grab your fishing gear and let Kevin and Cheryl show you what Northern Saskatchewan has to offer. Trip number two is on my bucket list… and if you haven’t yet been you really should go.


Sheila Berry Graduation Gift, 2016

We always have the most amazing time at Wheeler River. Our son graduated from high school in 2016 and picked this place as his graduation gift. The guys did some bear hunting with great success, we all fished and caught some huge walleye, pike and lake trout. One of my favorite memories of the trip was the shore lunch with the fresh walleye we caught, delicious. Also Kevin and Cheryl made this experience so fantastic. You come as strangers and leave as friends.

Sheila Berry

Doud, Knight, Rowswell, Yaniw, 2020

A story from my sister, Joanne, from Alberta

My Experience at the Wheeler River Lodge

I have had the privilege to holiday at the Wheeler River Lodge on several occasions. There has not been one trip that wasn’t absolutely fabulous. Life changes constantly, but life the Wheeler seems to remain the same - totally chill!! On my last trip in 2020, I was fortunate to have my son and grandson along with me. It was so nice to see them relaxing and enjoying themselves. The video that Cheryl provides of the trip says it all when they are beaming from ear to ear while holding their prized fish. There are memories of not only them, but everyone on the trip looking totally happy.

One of the highlights of the trip is the adventure getting in and out. I love Robinson’s General Store in Lac La Ronge I seriously doubt that there is anything that you can’t find in there! Missinipe is where you spend the night and catch the plane out in early morning. It is a delightful village with a top notch restaurant. There are always lots of interesting people around there or at Osprey Wings, where you catch the plane. Life seems more relaxed for those who live so far from the hustle and bustle that we’re used to. The plane rides in and out are another adventure. You ride in is on an Otter or Beaver, or some other Canadian animal. When the plane comes to pick you up at the end of your stay, you can hear it before you can see it.

Wildlife is plentiful at the Wheeler River Lodge. On the last trip in 2020, we saw more than one mom and baby moose. Bear sightings are common as well as eagles and osprey. And the fish are amazing! I have to say I have not enjoyed eating fish as much as i do there and I love seafood. The fish out of that cold water are an amazing treat.

One doesn’t have to fish all the time you’re there. You can bring along a craft or two to do, or spend time reading and relaxing. A sleep after lunch is the norm. Mani/pedi’s are another fun thing to do when spending an afternoon in camp. We often play cards at night and fun memories are made.

We enjoyed Jazz, the dog. She loves diving for sticks and gets very excited to have someone to play with her.

The peacefulness and relaxation of my time there never gets boring. It’s very therapeutic. Kevin and Cheryl are excellent hosts. Kevin is an inventor and it’s always exciting to see what new gadget he’ll have in operation. His love of nature and expertise make him an excellent guide and his shore lunches are such a treat! They are about equal to Cheryl’s iced mocha’s and puff wheat cake! And I really appreciate that Kevin always removes the fish hook from the fish’s mouth. I’m not sure I would be able to do that properly!

I highly recommend a trip to the Wheeler - you’ll never regret it!


Sheila Berry Family Trip, 2017

Our family would choose the Wheeler River as our family trip every year if we could. Our son finished his Army tour in 2017 and wanted to go fishing and bear hunting in our favorite place. We made so many memories that week that we will talk about forever. Our boys are both married now and can not wait for their wife’s to experience it as well. Until next time, Sheila Berry

Sheila Berry

Ray Curtis Family

I have been going fishing with my sons and grandsons to Northern Saskatchewan for many years. Of all the camps we have stayed at Wheeler River is by far the best. The accommodations are first rate. The fishing is great and you will never find more wonderful hosts. Kevin and Cheryl are wonderful. We have created memories that will last forever. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Raymond Curtis, Salt Lake City, Utah

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"Thank you so much or your warm hospitality, guiding, teasing, awesome shore meals, great accommodation, etc, etc. I so enjoyed getting to know the Rowswells and the T’s. Two very special Saskatchewan couples and one awesome Alberta couple! We were so thankful for our answer to prayer in a tense fire situation. The rain was as refreshing as was our week here. Thank you so much. "